Fluid Motion is a mental health theatre company based in Basingstoke. We create professional touring work on a range of mental health themes as well as delivering education and community projects that engage with around 22,000 people a year.

We believe theatre and the arts can bring positive change to peopleโ€™s lives. One in four people each year will experience a mental health problem and of these nine out of ten experience stigma and discrimination.

Fluid Motion endeavors to develop and deliver theatre of the highest quality to people and places from all demographics as mental illness does not discriminate.

We exist to:

  • Help raise awareness of mental health through the creation of theatre.

  • Use theatre as a way of facilitating social interaction to challenge stigma surrounding mental health problems.

  • Use theatre to advance the education of the public through workshops, events and performances that empower people to make informed choices about their lives.

Vision, Mission and Values


To create theatre that puts mental health at the forefront of conversation.


Fluid Motion creates professional performance and delivers workshops and community projects on a range of mental health themes.

We do this to challenge stigma and raise awareness by using theatre as a tool to educate and empower.


Artistic Excellence

Fluid Motion endeavours to develop and deliver theatre of the highest quality to people and places from all walks of life.

Educate and Empower

Fluid Motion seeks to provide opportunities that give people a chance to build their confidence and self-esteem in order to become healthy and more active citizens.


Fluid Motion aims to treat everyone with respect and to approach each other and those we work with in an inclusive and non-judgemental manner.


Fluid Motion will continually develop new performances, workshops and community projects that continue to raise awareness of mental health.


Fluid Motion aims to nurture and foster strong partnerships with new and existing stakeholders so that we become resilient, recognised and resourceful.

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