Rum in the Gravy Boat

Running Time: 55 Mins (approx) | Age Guidance: 14+

**** ''Frank and funny, light-hearted but moving, the play was an inspiring theatrical accomplishment'' - Broadway Baby

‘I don’t really have any one memory of when or how this all started. I’ve never made a show about myself before. Never felt the need to but then again this story is only partly about me … Something happened when I was a child that made life both deeply unbearable and beautifully profound. At the same time a weird alchemy occurred, something good from the bad, and it stirred in me a deep fascination to perform that I just couldn’t shake off.’

Playful and energetic yet moving and raw, this is a story about sexual awakenings, plastic microphones, an alcoholic mother and alopecia. Base on the actor’s own life and developed through Fluid Motion’s unique autobiographical style, this is a personal account into how theatre can make sense of the past.

Press & Reviews

The Impact of an Alcoholic Parent (Disability Arts Online)

A COA Tale – ‘Rum in the Gravy Boat’ at the Brighton Fringe (NACOA)

‘For such a serious subject there is much humour and physical theatre in the play. Leigh’s performance is captivating’ - Newbury Weekly News

‘Deeply thought through moving theatre. Engaging, honest but also funny and affirming.’ – Audience Member

‘Amazing, so brave and inspiring.’ – Audience Member

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Rum in the Gravy Boat Reviews

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