Mentally Focused Theatre
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Our street performance workshops
give students the skills to help create
imaginative, contemporary performance
for a range of outdoor settings. Students
will learn how to perform a spectacle,
making use of the voice, space and
developing a strong ensemble.


Our devising workshops explore the
importance of improvisation to help
create strong devised performance.
Students will start with a stimulus,
(which can be chosen by the school)
and work through a range of
exercises that will enable students to
confidently devise interesting and
meaningful theatre.


Our physical theatre workshops
focus on how to use the body as a
primary means for creating theatre.
Students will explore ‘breath, rhythm
and movement techniques’ to learn
the skills that will enable them to
create exciting visual storytelling.

Anti-Bullying – KS3 – KS5

All of our anti-bullying workshops begin with a discussion about bullying to help students understand and agree upon what bullying is. Students then take part in role-play scenarios to explore, in a safe way, the best solutions for dealing with conflict and bullying. We can tailor workshops to suit the needs and requirements of your school.

Exam Stress Workshops – KS4 – KS5

Our exam stress workshops are suitable for secondary, college and university students. Working with drama therapy techniques that have a specific focus on breathing. Students are given the ability to create a common vocabulary of expressive skills. This programme comes in a package of five one hour sessions that allow students the chance to overcome inhibitions to their own self-expression in life, as well as being able to identify and manage the triggers that are common with stress.

Practitioner Masterclasses for Key Stage 4 & 5

These workshops offer an in depth exploration of some of the masters of contemporary theatre and give students the chance to approach each practitioner through practical exercises that can be applied to a contemporary or classic text. The workshops run for a minimum of two hours, could last a full day and can be a mixture of several practitioners.


Our Artaudian masterclass will focus on how to create performance that allows audiences to feel unexpressed emotion and assault the senses; Artuad’s Theatre of Cruelty. Students will look at specially selected texts and explore how physical theatre, language, lighting and sound can be brought together to create theatre that excites, wakes us up and inevitably never leaves us.


Our Berkoff masterclass looks at the techniques, performances and styles of this iconic British practitioner.
Students will work with physical theatre and mime to explore key Berkofftexts,such as The Trail and Metamorphosis
as well as using classic and contemporary texts to bring Berkoff’s exaggerated style to life.


Our Boal masterclass focus on the Theatre of the Oppressed and more specifically his Forum Theatre techniques. Students will understand how theatre can be used as a means for social and political change through practical exercises that make use of the roles of the Spect-actor, Joker, Facilitator and Difficultator.


Our Brechtian masterclass provides practical exploration of the techniques and work of this influential figure. Students will look at gestus, verfremdungseffekt, episodic theatre and the politics behind his work. This masterclass will bring syllabus texts to life and enable students to grasp the rehearsal and performance techniques of Brechtian practice.


Our Stanislavskian masterclass gives students a detailed overview of the key techniques and concepts of Constantin Stanislavski. Students will focus on Emotional Memory, Given Circumstances, Units and Objectives and the Magic If, using practical exercises to breath life on the work of this complex practitoner.

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