Brain Hug

Brain Hug

Previous Next About Brain Hug Will you take a moment to give your brain a little love? Life can be chaotic, fast paced and stressful.


Flourish is a creative programme for children and young people that uses theatre as a tool to support the ongoing development of their positive wellbeing, confidence and self esteem.

The Greatest Show on Earth

The Greatest Show On Earth ‘What you are about to see will blow your mind. It is important. It is fantastical and phenomenal. You need

The Recovery Project

The Recovery Project was a programme specifically designed to aid in the recovery of children and young people’s mental health that had been made worse as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fluid Motion Community Gathering

The Gathering Project

The Gathering Project The Gathering Project is a creative community programme running for three years from 2021 until 2023 across Hampshire.

Take Ten

Take Ten is a performance installation designed to slow us down. It’s a space to be present, in the here and now, to reflect and to notice.

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