An errant sperm.

A moist sponge.

A sticky patch on the lino.

Damp undies.

An empty syringe and a persistent drip.


One woman’s story of getting absolutely soaked.


Bring your own towel. 


The diagnosis was hypoxic brain injury, it meant he’d never fully engage with his family again.  But as one door closes another opens and Ali was determined not to live her life drenched in bodily fluids. Juggling catheters and cakes, feeding tubes and football, will Ali ever recover her mojo, or will she live forever in the shadow of her husband?


This one woman show humorously explores making sense of motherhood when your husband, and kids father is alive but not present.

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Performance Dates

Production Credits

Devised by Leigh Johnstone and Ali Gill                        Sound Design - Joe Edwards

Performed by Ali Gill