We've put together this short guide on how to facilitate positive, ‘creative conversations’ with young people. This free resource pack has been designed in collaboration with education and mental health professionals who have highlighted a critical need for young people to be able to talk about the experiences and challenges they have faced over the pandemic. The pack includes practical guides on how to have a 10 minute and a 20 minute ‘creative conversation’ which we hope will stimulate discussion between students, teachers, their friends and families. 



The Recovery Project is a programme of work that is running for three years, from 2021 until 2023. The project is specifically designed to aid in the recovery of children and young people’s mental health.  



In 2021 the focus was 'Resilience' and young people explored the themes of 'Isolation', 'Loss', 'Coping' and 'Emergence' 

providing positive coping mechanisms that may have been lost during each lockdown and that had suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Take a look at our film to see how the project has benefited 280 young people across the region in 2021.

After the project had taken place only 1 in 5 children showed levels of low wellbeing, compared to 1 in 3 before the project started showing that our intervention had a positive increase on young people’s wellbeing. Additionally 85% of young people said that the project has had a positive impact on their mental health and 77% of young people said that they now feel more able to understand and process their feelings, anxieties, worries and actions. Every teacher asked said that they noticed a positive impact on their students' mental well-being as a result of taking part in the project.



'You have got the buzz back in our school about Drama after a long time of not being able to do these extra-curricular activities. From the workshops a student is now receiving help from our school support staff as they feel more able to open up.’ Teacher, Crofton School 

'I would recommend it because it's good to communicate
with others about things you don't usually talk about'

'You're able to figure out with how to deal with the emotions and you have lots of people to talk with' Student


In 2022 the focus is 'Thrive' and the topics are 'Explore', 'Consider', 'Notice' and 'Act'. The project will encourage young people to focus on what’s next, understand what makes them happy and how to create positive environments for themselves and others. It will enable them to move into the future with confidence to a place of stability and calm, so they can be their best selves.


How does the project work in 2022?
The project will run over five half-day workshops. These practical, theatre based workshops are delivered by specialist youth arts practitioners. The ideal project group size is 20 and should be no larger than 25 young people. It is up to the school to choose who takes part based on their needs and requirements. The project also works best when the group all come from the same year.  

The fifth workshop will be focused on the creation of a ‘self-care pack’ which the young people design themselves as a way of passing on their skills and ideas around what helps them thrive to their peers.

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Please get in touch with our Project Co-ordinator

Natalie Watson to discuss your requirements.



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