Flourish is an 8 to 10 week creative programme for children and young people that uses theatre as a tool to support the ongoing development of positive wellbeing, confidence and self esteem. 

The aim of Flourish is to support children and young people’s mental health by using creative activities to help them explore and understand difficult emotions, develop positive communication skills, test out and adopt positive coping strategies to ultimately empower them so that they can take better ownership of their mental health and wellbeing.

My confidence has increased since week one of this project. I have made new friends and understand myself a bit more.

What impact does this project have?

Since the start of the project...

Sessions delivered
felt more empowered to talk about their mental health
0 %
Increase in wellbeing
0 %
Creative Wellbeing Ambassadors

Creative Wellbeing Ambassadors

Children and young people who take part in Flourish are offered the opportunity to become ‘Creative Wellbeing Ambassadors, once the eight or ten weeks have finished. 

This network provides children and young people with ongoing support, access to free cultural opportunities, training and social meet ups. This is so that they can help spread the power of the arts far and wide but also ensure that their own wellbeing continues to flourish.


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