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Fluid Conversations - July 2020

Instead of our monthly ‘Update Me’ videos in which members of the team tell you what’s going on at Fluid Motion in a pre recorded film. We are instead hosting monthly ‘Fluid Conversations’ online, beginning on Thursday 30th July.

These conversations will last no more than 30 minutes and will start with a brief update from one of the team before we then hand it over to you. Ask us anything, from what shows we are thinking of making, why we have chosen to work with a certain community, what you want to see on the website, how we choose artists for the festival or even how much we spend on our activities. We want to hear it all and our organisation will be better for it.

We look forward to seeing some of you there.

July Fluid Conversation details:

Fluid Motion Host: Leigh Johnstone, Artistic Director

10am - Zoom

Meeting ID: 829 2862 7956

Passcode: 6N33yP

1pm - Zoom

Meeting ID: 818 8072 5048

Passcode: 2KuCqH

4pm - Zoom

Meeting ID: 892 4655 6650

Passcode: 3qmyQ9

7pm - Zoom

Meeting ID: 837 3071 6743

Passcode: 6KMGxV

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