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Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Thursday 25 February, 1pm on Zoom

We love the NHS. That’s why we’re partnering with the North Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group (NHCCG) on an exciting new project all about Personalised Care.

We wanted to know if you feel like you can have a two-way conversation with your GP, carer, nurse, receptionist, therapist or any healthcare professional.

Do you feel listened to?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a conversation where you’re asked ‘What would you like?’ or ‘What do you want?’ rather than ‘What’s wrong with you?’.

Personalised Care is based on ‘what matters’ to people and their individual strengths and needs. The aim of this personalised approach is to give you the same choice and control over your physical and mental health that you do in everyday life. The end result will hopefully be a shift in how you’re treated (in every sense of the word).

We were really interested in conversations that haven’t been positive or person-centred, so this Fluid Conversation was about sharing those experiences with us:

* Online booking system a nightmare?

* Anxiety over talking about your symptoms?

* No joined-up thinking between surgeries and hospital appointments?

* Intimidated by doctors?

* Feeling like no one has read your notes?

You’re in the right place! No need to wait in basement waiting room B,

the non-medical professionals at Fluid Motion will listen to your tales of navigating the healthcare system.

The session was recorded and published online, and used for reference by Fluid Motion when developing our performance and training sessions for NHS staff.

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