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What is The Gathering Project?

The Gathering Project is a creative community programme designed to respond to societal challenges arising from COVID-19. It aims to bring communities back together through theatre to promote community cohesion, resilience, positive health and wellbeing.


Participants will take part in a series of four, COVID-19 safe, practical sessions, delivered by experienced community practitioners. The sessions give people an opportunity to build back confidence, develop individual resilience and feel connected to their community again. Participants will learn how to make healthier life choices and to reduce harmful behaviours, as well as learning about accessing local services and support. 

The four themes of the sessions are: Isolation, Loss, Coping and Emergence. 


After the four sessions, participants will be invited to a fifth session facilitated by our practitioners to discuss the creation of a ‘self care pack’. The development of this free resource inspires participants to take charge of their own health and wellbeing and signpost support services and resources that they may not know about or feel excluded from. It will enable them to better meet their needs and the needs of their family as well as cope with challenges. The creation of this pack can also support people in improving their reading and writing skills as well as digital skills, vital for job and social inclusion. 


We're working with Hampshire-based community groups on this exciting and innovative project for FREE until December 2021. 

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How does this project benefit communities? 

COVID-19 has had a negative impact on community life across the country, communities which are essential for health and wellbeing, social connections, neighbourliness, a sense of belonging and

mutual trust. Building and maintaining community resilience is vital as we recover from the pandemic. This project:

  • Helps people articulate their mental health and therefore feel more empowered to make better lifestyle choices, feel more healthy and ultimately have an improved quality of life

  • Uses arts and creative activity to help people feel connected, more resilient and more able to deal with individual and community challenges

  • Gives communities something to celebrate, makes people feel good and energises and inspires local residents 

  • Connects people to local support services that they might not know about or feel excluded from


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We'll be delivering sessions until December 2021


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