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What is The Gathering Project?

The Gathering Project is a creative community programme which is running for three years from 2021 until 2023 across Hampshire. It is designed to promote community cohesion, resilience and positive health and wellbeing.  

Participants will learn how to make healthier lifestyle choices and to reduce harmful behaviours, as well as learning how to access relevant local services and support.  

See below for ways to get involved.  


How can I get involved? 

We are currently looking for project partners who would like to bring this fully-funded 5 week project to their groups.  

Please contact if you would like to learn more.  

Who will be delivering the workshops? 

We work with specialist community arts practitioners to bring you and your community groups high quality, covid-safe workshops, where wellbeing is at the forefront of the creative experience. These practitioners are equipped to work with all members of the community and are offered ongoing support and training by Fluid Motion Theatre Company throughout the delivery.  


This includes Covid-19 Safe training and either Mental Health First Aid training or in-house training in preparation for working with members of the community with poor mental health and/or a mental health diagnosis. All Practitioners hold an enhanced DBS check.  

What is happening now?  


In 2022 the focus of The Gathering Project is 'Thrive' and the five workshop themes are Explore, Consider, Notice, Act and Self-Care. The project this year will encourage communities and participants to focus on what's next, understand what makes them happy and how to create positive environments for themselves and others. 



What happens in a workshop? 

Each of the five sessions runs for a maximum of three hours. Sessions always begin with warmup activities to help the group get comfortable. This is then followed by creative exercises based on the workshop theme (see above). Each workshop then ends with wrap up activities. 

The Gathering Project is about the experience of using theatre and creative activities to talk about mental health (we don’t work towards a performance). Remember, our goal is to use theatre to make happy brains!  

See last year’s project film here.  


In 2021, the first year of The Gathering Project, the focus was 'Resilience'. This was developed in direct response to the Covid-19 Pandemic with participants exploring the themes of Isolation, Loss, Coping and Emergence.  


In 2021 we delivered the project with: 

  • Basingstoke Wellbeing Centre (supported by Andover Mind) 

  • New Forest Wellbeing Service (supported by Solent Mind) 

  • VoluntHeroes (supported by Gosport Voluntary Action) 

  • Eastleigh Wellbeing Centre (supported by Solent Mind) 

  • Artwell, Basingstoke

  • Women's Wellbeing Group, Hythe (supported by Families Matter) 

How does this project benefit communities? 

COVID-19 has had a negative impact on community life across the country, communities which are essential for health and wellbeing, social connections, neighbourliness, a sense of belonging and

mutual trust. Building and maintaining community resilience is vital as we recover from the pandemic.


This project:

  • Helps people articulate their mental health and therefore feel more empowered to make better lifestyle choices, feel more healthy and ultimately have an improved quality of life

  • Uses arts and creative activity to help people feel connected, more resilient and more able to deal with individual and community challenges

  • Gives communities something to celebrate, makes people feel good and energises and inspires local residents 

  • Connects people to local support services that they might not know about or feel excluded from.


The Gathering Project Funders and Supporters:

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