The Greatest Show On Earth

‘What you are about to see will blow your mind. It is important. It is fantastical and phenomenal. You need to see this. It is the most amazing performance ever! We dont need any fancy technology, big flashing lights or smoke machines to put on our greatest show. We have something much simpler than that.’

The Greatest Show on Earth is an outdoor performance installation that encourages us to look differently at the spaces around us, to immerse ourselves in the natural world to improve our wellbeing.

Audiences stumble across a natural object in the landscape, it is made of willow and hazel and it looks a bit like a cross between a seed pod and a bird hide. It is intriguing. Two curious people are standing by the side of it, they are looking at the landscape through special viewing devices and encouraging yoto come and take a look with them.

Tour dates 2023

24th - 25th June - Basingstoke, (Basingstoke Festival)

9th Sept - Basingstoke, (All in the Mind Festival) 

What our audiences say

'It really released me. I didn't even know I was so tense and stressed until I took a minute to relax.'

Take Ten Audience member - Grimsby

'Absolutely amazing. Ten minutes of pure relaxation.'

Take Ten Audience member - Merseyside

'Calming experience, chance to relax, see, feel, think, breathe. Life goes too fast, life is short. We need more great moments like this.'

Take Ten Audience Member, Waterlooville

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