About Brain Hug

Will you take a moment to give your brain a little love?

Life can be chaotic, fast paced and stressful. Sometimes all we need is a little self care to help us feel better, a moment of joy that helps us reset, ready to embrace the day. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could hug our own brains? Give it the love and care it deserves. How would that feel? How would you feel inside?

Brain Hug is a fun, family friendly walkabout. It’s pink and it’s fluffy with a big smiley face and it’s waiting for that hug. 

What our audiences say about our other work

'It really released me. I didn't even know I was so tense and stressed until I took a minute to relax.'

Audience member - Grimsby

'Absolutely amazing. Ten minutes of pure relaxation.'

Audience member - Merseyside

'Calming experience, chance to relax, see, feel, think, breathe. Life goes too fast, life is short. We need more great moments like this.'

Audience Member, Waterlooville

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