Fluid Motion Theatre Company - Equality and Diversity Policy

  1. AIM

1.1. In carrying out its functions Fluid Motion Theatre Company is committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all, and to ensuring that no individual is discriminated against in the planning and delivery of any of our activities. 


1.2 We therefore aim to ensure that the values of equality, diversity, and respect for all are embedded into everything that we do.



2.1 This policy is intended to demonstrate Fluid Motion Theatre Company’s commitment to eliminating discrimination and encouraging and valuing diversity among staff, volunteers, partners, suppliers, users of our services and Trustees.


2.2 We recognise our responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010, and are committed to meeting them in full. We believe that a culture that embraces equality and values diversity will help us to ensure that everyone feels involved and included in our plans, programmes and activities. 


2.3 We aim to create an environment which respects and welcomes everyone, and in which no form of bullying, harassment, disrespectful or discriminatory behaviour is tolerated by anyone towards anyone. This particularly applies in relation to the ‘protected characteristics’ named in the Equality Act 2010: Age, disability, gender reassignment, income, marriage or civil partnership status, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation, (see Equality Act 2010 ( for explanations).



3.1 Fluid Motion Theatre Company understands that for equality to be achieved this policy needs to be made understandable to, and embraced by staff, volunteers, suppliers, partners and Trustees. 


3.2 This policy will be subject to agreement with any trade union which staff choose to join or to which they belong. The policy is fully supported and welcomed by all employees and has been agreed by our Trustees. 


3.3 All staff, volunteers, suppliers, partners and Trustees have a responsibility to ensure that their own language and actions are consistent with the spirit as well as the contents of this policy.


3.4 Overall responsibility for the implementation of this policy lies with the directors and Trustees. 




4.1 Fluid Motion Theatre Company recognises that an Equality and Diversity Policy alone is not enough to ensure that equality and diversity are central to everything that we do.


4.2 We will seek to create an environment in which diversity and the contributions of all staff, volunteers, suppliers, partners, residents and Trustees are recognised and valued in all that we do. In this way, we hope to provide an example of good equality practice and promote community cohesion within all of the work we do.


4.3 In introducing this policy we recognise that many people are unfamiliar with the ways in which discrimination and disadvantage affect people’s health, wellbeing and quality of life. We will therefore support people to develop equalities awareness and understanding. 


4.4 To ensure that we are meeting the aims and the spirit of this policy we will:


  • Discuss and review how well we are implementing this policy, and adjust our practices/develop an action plan where necessary
  • Assess any significant new or revised policies and procedures for their impact on equality
  • Embed equality and diversity into our development plans
  • Ensure our employment practices and procedures are consistent with the aims of this policy.



It is important to us that suppliers, contractors and any other individual or organisation working on behalf of Fluid Motion Theatre Company are aware of and agree to comply with our equality and diversity policy while that work is underway.


 Fluid Motion Theatre are committed to ensuring the following:


  • Participant will always be listened too and their views and wishes will be considered in an appropriate and fair manner
  • We will always use accessible venues for events and meetings
  • Always speak clearly and use appropriate language 
  • We will offer accessible communications, for example, emails, letters, reports and publicity materials as far as it is within our means to do so, for example, using large fonts.
  • Will not tolerate any form of bullying by anyone, either verbal or non-verbal
  • Will not tolerate use of obscene language or gestures
  • Will not tolerate disrespectful behaviour and participants will be actively encouraged to be respectful to all


In addition, we will:

  • Ensure anyone can take part regardless of ability 
  • Provide large print scripts
  • Plan sessions with everyone in mind so that everyone has the chance to achieve their full potential, such as warm up games that can be done from both sitting and standing
  • Assign alternative roles to those participants that don’t want to perform, such as creating music, making props, or dancing if they don’t want to act
  • Ensure there is a mixture of ages to help foster good relations.  When working in small groups we will mix up the participants so that everyone gets to work within diverse groups
  • Provide support, such as volunteers who will read lines, to ensure participants have full engagement and involvement in sessions
  • Seek feedback from each participant at the end of sessions, taking note to record and act upon both positive and negative comments
  • Assign parts fairly and by desire and interest, not through audition, making sure individuals are comfortable with the role they are given.


We will not exclude any specific groups from the activities of the company.  


Covid-19 Update: Currently the UK Government advise alternative rules for mixing groups of people when undertaking performing arts activities.  Staff and volunteers should adhere to UK Government guidance and read ‘Fluid Motion Risk Management Plan – Covid Pandemic’, ‘Risk Assessment – Covid-19 Communities and Schools’, and ‘Risk Assessment – Covid-19 Rehearsals and Filming’ for further company guidance. 




6.1 We recognise that it is important for us to regularly review this policy to ensure that it reflects up to date equality legislation and best practice.


6.2 A review of our Equality and Diversity Policy will be carried out on an annual basis as a minimum and any necessary actions taken.

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